ACPAC Conference papers

2017 - Brisbane, Queensland, 19-21 April, 2017



Keynote Address – Mr Brendan Worrall

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List of delegates and presenters

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A combined jurisdiction report

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Strategic Reviews of Auditors-General - the Victorian Experience - Mr Danny Pearson MP - slides

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Strategic Reviews of Auditors-General - the Victorian Experience - Mr Danny Pearson MP - speech

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Strategic Reviews of Auditors-General - the Queensland Experience - Ms Phillippa Smith and Mr Graham Carpenter

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Strategic Reviews of Auditors-General - the ACT Experience - Mrs Vicki Dunne MLA

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Parliamentary Public Accounts Oversight - Holding PACs to Account - Mr Peter Russo MP

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Following up on audit reports - how can parliamentary oversight add value - Hon Mbongeni Radebe

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Following up on audit reports - how can parliamentary oversight add value - Mr Chris Bishop MP

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Global investments and PPPs - how can PACs oversight multi-national projects - Hon Kenalemang Phukuntsi

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Beyond the audit - inter-agency cooperation to maintain integrity - Mr Alex McKean

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Beyond the audit - inter-agency cooperation to maintain integrity - Mr David Goody

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Parliamentarians v Politicians - Hon Alexander O'Connor

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2015 – Adelaide, South Australia, 15 to 18 April, 2015



Keynote Address – Mr Simon O'Neill

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Good Community Engagement – Carla Leversedge

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The ANAO's International Engagement Approach – Dr Andrew Pope

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Supporting Regional Parliaments – Dr Julien Barbara

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Changing Engagement in Public Accountability – Mr Brendan Smyth MLA

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Reflections on 10 years as Auditor-General for Australia – Mr Ian McPhee

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Parliamentarians vs Politicians – Mr Rick Crump

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Politician vs Parliamentarian – Mr Sean L'Estrange MLA

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Kiribati Case Study – Ms Nicole Lawder MLA

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Public Accounts Committee of Parliament of India – Prof K V Thomas

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2013 – Sydney, New South Wales, 10 to 13 April, 2013



Keynote Address – Michael Egan

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ACPAC International Engagement – Rob Oakeshott

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ACPAC International Engagement Presentation – Rob Oakeshott

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Engagement with the Community – Steven Reynolds

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The Role of PAP of DPR-RI in Overseeing State Financial Management – Farouk Muhammad

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The Role of PAP of DPR-RI in Overseeing State Financial Management – Presentation – Farouk Muhammad

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From Federation to Follow the Dollar – Des Pearson

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International Perspectives on the Role of the Legislature in Public Financial Oversight – Joanne Kelly

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New Democracy Foundation – Iain Walker

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PACs and Public Finance – NZ's FEC – Sue Newberry

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Relationship Between the PAC and the AG – Zahirul Hoque

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Soverignty of Parliament – Developing the Westminster System in a Political World – David Gilchrist

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Statutory Recognition of the Auditor-General as an Officer of the Parliament – Does it Make A Difference – Zed Seselja

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The Capacity and Performance of Public Accounts Committees – Kerry Jacobs

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2011 – Perth, Western Australia, 27 to 30 April 2011




Session 1

Parliaments and Politicians

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Session 2

Balancing Independence and Cooperation

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Session 3

Opposition-led Committees

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Session 4a

Engaging the Public

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Session 4b

Emerging Democracies Session

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Session 5

Community Engagement – Joanne Towner

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Keynote Address

Bernard Salt

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2009 – Wellington, New Zealand, 15 to 17 April 2009




Session 1b

Executive Accountability to Parliament – Reality or Rhetoric – Peter Loney

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Session 1e

The Challenge of Implementing International Financial Reporting Standards in the Public Sector – Greg Schollum

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Session 4a

Different Models for Optimising Cooperation Between AGs, PACs and other Accountability Agencies – Sharon Grierson MP

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Session 4b

The Appropriate Role of PACS in Reviewing the Work Programs of Audit Offices – Craig Foss MP

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Session 4c

Enhancing Public Finance and Performance Reporting and Accountability in Victoria – Bob Stensholt MP

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Session 4d

PACs and Public-Private Partnerships – John Kobelke MLA

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Session 4e

Questions Worth Asking – Reviewing the SA Economics and Finance Committee Inquiry into Franchising and Local Government Audits – Leon Bignell MP

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Session 5a

Issues for Mantaining Independence – Des Pearson

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Session 5b

Balance of Risk and Rewards in PPPs – Peter Achterstraat

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Session 6a

The Way Forward – Enhancements in Government Reporting and Public Accountability – Paul McLeay

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Session 7a

Ensuring PAC Recommendations are Implimented – Jim Williamson MLC and Mike Blake

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Session 7b

hallenges in Resourcing PACs Especially When Ad Hoc Expert Technical Assistance is Required – PNG PAC

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2007 – Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, 11 to 14 April 2007




Session 1

Enhancing Financial and Project Management Across the Public Sector Some Recent Developments – Phil Barresi MP

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Session 2a

Different Models for PACs in Reviewing the Work of Auditors How Best to Add Value to Their Work – A WA Perspective

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Session 2b

A PAC By Any Other Name Still Smells a Rat – The SA Economic and Finance Committee – Tom Koutsantonis

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Session 2c

The Role of PACs in Safeguarding the Independence of the AG

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Session 3

Report of Studies on PACs in Australia and NZ – Kerry Jacobs

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Session 4

The Role of AGs in Relation to Outsourced Government Activities-Functions – Mike Blake

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Session 5

The Importance of an Accounting Conceptual Framework for Public Sector Financial Reporting – David Pendleton

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Session 6

The Powers of PACs to Set Their Own Work Programs and the Subsequent Impact on Their Resources – Richard Mulcahy MLA

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Session 7

The Appropriate Role of PACs in Reviewing Work Programs of AGs – Shane Jones MP

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Session 8

The Role of PACs in Enhancing Public Sector Reporting Standards Including Perofmance Reporting in the Public Sector – NT PAC

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2005 – Brisbane, Queensland, 6 to 8 February 2005




Session 1

Does Output Based Management Add Value and how do PACs get the Information they Need From It – Richard Mulcahy MLA

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Session 2

Keynote Address – David Pendleton

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Session 3

Information and the Public Service – Balancing Privacy Confidentiality and Accountability – Jim Wilkinson MLC

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Session 4

Keynote Address – Neal Ryan

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Session 5

Improving Governance and Accountability Including Government Corporations and Heads of Agencies – Clayton Cosgrove MP

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Session 6

Public Private Partnerships – Christine Campbell MP

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Session 7

Public Liability Changes – Gay Thompson MP

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