2007 – Canberra

11 to 14 April, 2007

ACPAC conference papers

Session Topic/Presenter Download
Session 1 Enhancing Financial and Project Management Across the Public Sector Some Recent Developments – Phil Barresi MP PDF 1.6 mb
Session 2a Different Models for PACs in Reviewing the Work of Auditors How Best to Add Value to Their Work – A WA Perspective PDF 2.7 mb
Session 2b A PAC By Any Other Name Still Smells a Rat – The SA Economic and Finance Committee – Tom Koutsantonis PDF 452 kb
Session 2c The Role of PACs in Safeguarding the Independence of the AG PDF 1.1 mb
Session 3 Report of Studies on PACs in Australia and NZ – Kerry Jacobs PDF 6.7 mb
Session 4 The Role of AGs in Relation to Outsourced Government Activities-Functions – Mike Blake PDF 777 kb
Session 5 The Importance of an Accounting Conceptual Framework for Public Sector Financial Reporting – David Pendleton PDF 811 kb
Session 6 The Powers of PACs to Set Their Own Work Programs and the Subsequent Impact on Their Resources – Richard Mulcahy MLA PDF 4.9 mb
Session 7 The Appropriate Role of PACs in Reviewing Work Programs of AGs – Shane Jones MP PDF 19 mb
Session 8 The Role of PACs in Enhancing Public Sector Reporting Standards Including Perofmance Reporting in the Public Sector – NT PAC PDF 1.6 mb